Zadar Capital is a boutique investment bank. We advise companies on strategic growth and corporate development initiatives.  Zadar Capital also helps under performing companies restore their financial health.

As specialists in Corporate Finance, our advice is usually connected with deploying, optimising or raising new capital resources.

Zadar Capital acts as the close confidante of companies, usually working discretely with the CEO, Chairman and/or the Board of Directors.  We model our service on the old style investment banking partnerships, where the partners have a stake in the firm and our long term success depends on our clients’ success.

Zadar Capital is not aligned with any financial products. Consequently, we can optimise the client’s financial outcomes by recommending the most appropriate course of action without potential bias towards in-house products and solutions.


Our services include advice on:

  • Mergers, acquisitions and divestments
  • Capital structure advisory, including sourcing of debt, equity and hybrid funding
  • Advisory for IPOs, spin-offs, demergers
  • Restructuring
  • Valuations
  • Strategic advisory, including industry positioning



All our Directors have extensive careers with various global investment banks.  Their corporate finance experience and networks are global.  Whilst we are based in Singapore, each of our Directors has established strengths in different geographic regions.  This allows Zadar Capital to offer a global contact base.  We also maintain an international referral network amongst other independent advisory groups.


Zadar Capital’s directors have worked across a wide range of industry sectors.  Our areas of special expertise are:

  • Food & Agribusiness
  • Consumer products
  • Aviation
  • Infrastructure
  • Building Materials